Find an Interiors Expert for your Dream Home
Finding the right interiors expert for your dream home is a big challenge. At Galaxy Developer, we understand that and are here to help you find genuine experts who can help you with Furniture, Wardrobe, Kitchen, False Ceiling and Painting, all at that suits your pocket. 
Modular Kitchen Tips for Your Home

Reform your kitchen by getting rid of the old out-dated kitchen and remodel it with a chic modular kitchen. A modular kitchen not only gives your home a classy look but also makes your cooking fun and interesting. If you’re planning for a modular kitchen at your apartment in India you can approach an interior designer and go ahead with your plan. An interior designer can choose the apt modular kitchen which will best suit your personality.
Guide to Your Home Renovation

There are various reasons as to why you would like to renovate your home. It can be for either selling it away or giving your home a new look. Planning to renovate your home can be minor or major.
Ideas for decorating the corners in your home

Every home has a corner which is present in various angles. Corners in a home can at times look too plain and indecorous. What would you do in order to make your home corners look attractive? Corners are mostly not attached to any windows and are rather small.
Common Mistakes in Kitchen Designe

The kitchen is often the soul of a home. For saving your time and money in kitchen design, careful planning and measurements are needed. One of the most common mistakes in designing your kitchen interior is not taking full advantage of their spaces in their storage. A properly designed layout for the kitchen adds to.